Interior Painting

Let me start by saying, in the most clearest of terms, that paint quality matters! “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap paint” because cheap paint doesn’t cover well, so you’ll need more of it. Low quality paint doesn’t adhere as well, so it will fail quicker and you’ll have to re-do the paint job. Cheap paint simply does not look as good. You care about your home and the paint on your walls is the first thing people see. When you hire Freshlook Painting we make sure we use the best materials for the job and there is an itemized list of the products that are to be used on your detailed estimate. We use high quality Sherwin Williams, PPG and Ben Moore paint (or the customer’s preferred paint) and equipment to leave you with the most durable, long-lasting results! Prior to painting, our professional team ensures all flooring, furniture, and property is safely protected and all prep work is completed. We ensure to not only clean when work is finished, but keep clean while the work is being done! We want customers to have an enjoyable experience and end with a FRESHLOOK for many years to enjoy!



Preparing a room for painting is the single most important step when painting a room. Incomplete or improper preparation is the only way to fail before you even start. Proper preparation will save you time, money, and sanity in the long run. That’s why Freshlook take’s pride in the steps of prep. Our estimates break down the steps we do!



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