Cabinet painting

A growing trend amongst homeowners is to update their existing kitchen cabinetry with a unique paint color. Painting your existing cabinets can work wonders to provide a space with an entirely different look and feel. Whether you’re looking for something bright that will stand out, or are going for a subtler style, freshlook is ready to help you find the perfect unique paint color that will compliment your existing counters, backsplash, floor and appliances.

The most important part of cabinet painting is the surface preparation. When it’s done wrong, you’ll have problems with adhesion, but when done correctly, your painted cabinets will be durable and look awesome in the end.

Painting kitchen cabinets is different than painting drywall. There’s more prep work involved. You can easily paint over drywall again if you don’t like the color, but with cabinets, you’d have to strip everything off and start over if the paint fails from improper surface prep.

How we prep